PPE Items

PPE Items: Personal Protective Equipment

We at ASCA Office Solutions are ready to supply you with the products you need to safely work during this pandemic. We know that due to the pandemic, the office supplies you need will also include personal protective equipment such as masks, hand sanitizer and other sanitization products. Bellow you will find a list of PPE items that we can offer, for pricing and further Information on products please don’t hesitate to call us or send us an email.

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When physical distancing is not possible it becomes a necessity to where a mask.

PPE Items

Level 2 Masks

“We all should be doing our part to help stop the spread, I provide masks for all my employees.” – Anthony Sarno CEO

PPE Items

KN95 Masks


We have gloves that are made with different material and a variety of sizes. If you are working with material that could be contaminated or come in contact with many people without the possibility of washing your hands constantly, gloves is a useful tool.

  • Nitril Gloves  -  Small, Medium, Large
  • Nitril Goves with powder – Small, Medium, Large
  • Vinyl gloves -  Small, Medium, Large



Washing your hands is the best way to stop the spread of the Covid-19 however we recognize that doing so can be difficult in most work environments. That’s when sanitation products come in.

PPE Items

QT-Sanitizer: 1L

QT- San: 4L

PPE Items


PPE Items

Germs Be Gone Sanitizer: 946ml

Sanitization Disinfectant Spray 1L


Other Safety Equipment

We carry a variety of other products to assist in keeping your work environment safe.


PPE Items

Medical Goggles – Assist in work places where objects my come in contact with your eyes such as water, dust and woodchips.


Medical Gowns – There has been a growth in using medical gowns in the work place because of use of shared spaces. Medical gowns help keep your clothing clean from contamination.  


Face Shields – Masks help in keeping us safe on the other hand they don’t cover your full face. The use of a face shield stops water droplets from touching your face during conversations with persons who may not have protective equipment.


Medical Development Equipment License (MDEL)