Asca Toner Solutions

Toner and Ink Solutions for All Your Office Needs

At ASCA, we take pride in our Toners.  We offer a wide variety of toners and inks to satisfy all our customers needs.  We offer more than just toner and ink products, we offer printing solutions.   ASCA carries all the major manufacturer OEM brands, as well as Compatible and Remanufactured toners and inks.  We supply the best print solution for our customers in terms of their needs, wants and budget.

For new customers who don't know the difference between OEM, Compatible and Remanufactured toners, below are the definitions because we want to educate our customers on all printing options:

OEM: Stands for (Original Equipment Manufacturer) - These cartridges are made by the printer manufacturer. They will be "branded" by this manufacturer.

Compatible: These are manufactured by a company other than the printer manufacturer that meet the specifications to the OEM version.

Remanufactured: These cartridges use OEM cores that have been serviced, cleaned, and refilled. They may have had parts repaired or replaced if needed. 

ASCA is here to help you with all your printing solutions be that OEM, Compatible or Remanufactured.  We have top quality products at the best prices in the marketplace. 

For more information on our Toner Solutions, please contact us