ASCA Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

ASCA Office Solutions' (ASCA) Managed Print Services (MPS) Program will allow your organization to reap the benefits of a sophisticated and customized MPS for your entire printing fleet.

If you're spending too much time and money maintaining your company's printer environment, there's a solution that helps control costs, improve your productivity, and build efficiency into your internal processes to eliminate the headaches of an unmanaged print infrastructure!

ASCA's MPS solution-delivers the flexibility you need to optimize your printer fleet, get your arms around supplies management and maintenance expenses, reduce the number of suppliers, and maximize your budget.

Why a Managed Service?

Most printer fleets grow over time, which typically results in a collection of devices from multiple manufacturers with varying degrees of reliability. This can create a challenge for your already-burdened IT personnel, who have to be knowledgeable across multiple manufacture platforms as well as maintain multiple supplies inventories.

In addition, many printer networks are not balanced, meaning some printers are underutilized, while others operate above their recommended duty cycles, leading to delays and downtime as the overworked devices are in need of constant repair, while older or underused equipment sits idle.

Coping with this degree of inefficiency and reactive printer management costs you money and time. Negotiating with multiple vendors and service providers also saps your office staff and creates unsustainable inventory issues. It has been documented that these expenses can quickly climb out of control-costing upwards of 3-6% of your annual revenue.

ASCA helps eliminates those problems with proactive management of your entire printer environment!

ASCA'S Comprehensive Solution

The reasons are plentiful why you should ASCA as your MPS provider.  We will conduct an in-depth assessment of your current printer fleet and then provide custom recommendations-such as hardware configuration, potential upgrades, and equipment consolidation. We also review your document workflow and offer insights that will help you improve productivity by leveraging new technologies.

Once in place, an ASCA MPS Program provides a complete solution for automatic supplies replenishment, proactive service, and scheduled maintenance that reduces your IT burden, lowers your costs, and eliminates equipment downtime.

Our MPS staff monitors the usage of your printer environment to further reduce total costs and help you adjust your printer fleet to meet ever-changing business requirements.

ASCA’s unique MPS software allows us to be a top provider for all your printing needs.  We ensure a top quality program with printing efficiencies for your Company.

Features include:

  • No minimum monthly or quarterly billing requirement.
  • A Dedicated Service Technician with over 20 years of experience.
  • ASCA stores dedicated parts and supplies in case of emergencies for our customers.
  • Remote monitoring along with customized tracking & reporting.
  • Dedicated Centralized Service in the Downtown core.

At ASCA, we have a wide variety of cost savings measures with our total MPS Program.  Discover the printing savings your Company will recoup with an ASCA MPS Program.



For a free MPS assessment, please feel free to contact us and our our Service Team will gladly be able to assist you.