ASCA Office Solutions' National Recycling Program

Asca Office Solutions' National Recycling Program

ASCA is committed to the highest level of sustainability by recycling or reusing 100% of a cartridge's components - the plastics in many end-of-life cartridges are reused to make other products.  Reducing the environmental footprinter from the toners and inks we sell is a top priority.

Through our driver pick-up program in local markets, we make it easy to recycle your empty print cartridges. We provide prepaid mailing labels for customers without driver service - and we will recycle any brand of ink and toner at no charge to our customers.

Our National Recycling Program recycles thousands of ink and toner cartridges a year.  We make it easy for our customers to participate in this program by contacting our customer support team by phone or email.

Child Development Institute

Our National Recycling Program ties into our involvement with a great organization. The ASCA Office Team is a proud supporter of the Child Development Institute by donating a dollar for every toner we recycle directly.  We value this tremendous partnership, which helps to bring awareness and understanding about the plight of children and youth who struggle with learning disabilities.

Child Development Institute (CDI) is a children’s mental health organization serving over 4,000 children, youth and their families in Toronto.  They provide programs for healthy child development, early learning, early intervention for vulnerable or at-risk children and their families, family violence services, and support for children and youth with mental health issues complicated by learning disabilities.

The organization helps children uncover their abilities, give them tools to succeed and support them in overcoming challenges.

Through our recycling efforts and your empty toner cartridges, together we support CDI and our youth in need.